Dr Parisa Javady

Principal Dentist/Director
Parisa is the proud Owner/Executive Director and Principal Dentist at Confident Health Care Dental.

Parisa graduated from Doctor of Dental surgery with honours in 2000 and her passion to constantly update her skills lead her to become a clinician with multiple expertise.

Parisa’s combined knowledge of Orthodontics, Obstructive Sleep apnoea and TMJ disorders, along with early intervention for orthodontic Myobrace correction has lead Parisa to help patients with craniofacial growth problems ranging from ages of 3 to late adulthood.

Parisa thrives on providing optimum treatment for every patient and her approach of multidisciplinary care allows every patient in her care to be seen by expertise in different fields within the practise. Parisa ensures that each patient is screened for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Periodontal Disease, Orthodontics correction, followed by Comprehensive Examination, hereby allowing each patient to receive the optimum care they deserve within our practice.

Parisa’s passion comes from helping people and when she is able to use her experience and abilities, to not only change their smile but their self-esteem. Parisa is honoured by the trust her patients have in her, and the friendships that develop as she spends time with them, talking about their lives and interests.

Parisa is particularly passionate about treating Sleep Apnoea in conjunction with our Respiratory & Sleep Physicians. Undiagnosed and untreated Sleep Apnoea not only takes a toll on the body and mind of the individual, it causes stress in relationships, she is also able to offer solutions to patients unable to use or not interested in CPAP Therapy. Research shows Oral Appliances for mild and moderate Sleep Apnoea is as effective as CPAP Therapy.

People who know her, know that she is extremely passionate in treating children as it compliments her belief in a holistic approach.

Parisa strongly believes in a holistic approach to prevent and help Sleep Apnoea in children. The majority of Paediatric cases can be helped with oral appliances to modify the growth of the upper and lower jaw which will fix the problem permanently. This can be treated at our No Brace Centre using Myobrace, the latest approach in Orthodontics.

Parisa is also a member of Australian Dental Association (ADA), Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) and Australasian academy of Dental Sleep medicine (AADSM).

Parisa’s biggest passion is her family. Her husband and best friend, Mori and her two adorable children Daniel and Odelia, whom she loves to spend all her spare time with.

Parisa loves painting and you can see some of her artworks throughout our practice.

Dr. Parisa with the Team

Her Confident Healthcare Dentall team are just like family to her also and she is always more than happy to spend time with them too whether it be a big team dinner or our annual Xmas weekend away.

Dr. Parisa’s Artwork

Parisa loves painting and you can see some of her artworks throughout our practice.

Dr. Parisa’s Certificate

Dr. Parisa’s achievements and certificate, check out below images

“Our focus is you, your health and developing
a long term relationship with you.“

“Our focus is you, your health and developing a long term relationship with you.“


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Copyright by Confident Healthcare 2018. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Confident Healthcare 2018. All rights reserved.