When should I bring my children to the Dentist?


Here at Confident Healthcare, we recommend to bring your child for their first visit from 1 year of age. This is to familiarise them with the atmosphere so they develop a long lasting relationship with the dentist and to prevent any dental anxiety.

With your child regular dental visits, we will monitor their oral health and prevent problems such as infections, tooth decay and gum problems, and we will also access their growth and determine if orthodontic treatment (such as braces) may be required in the future or if early intervention is necessary.

Our dentists and dental therapists will ensure your child enjoys their dental visit and look forward to developing a lifelong relationship with them we even have a fully equipped dinosaur dental chair to keep the kids entertained and comfortable during their visit.

Is your child due for a dental check-up? Call Confident Healthcare on 42 851222 to schedule an appointment today!



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