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The entire Confident Dental Care team look forward to providing the highest standard of care to you and your family and making your time with us relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable.


We will assess your teeth and find the most suitable treatment plan if appropriate. Absolutely free.


We’ll match any quote for the same Invisalign treatment from any NSW provider.


Our payment plans allow you to break up the cost in to weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, with 0% interest.

* Confident Healthcare will match any written quote for Invisalign treatment that is deemed exactly the same as the treatment sought at Confident Healthcare, in the opinion of the Confident Healthcare Dentist. Confident Healthcare reserves the right to refuse treatment and to check the legitimacy of any written quote. Quotes must be provided by a registered NSW Dental Practitioner only.

Invisalign® uses a custom-made series of aligners created specifically for you. You will wear the aligners all of the time, except when you are eating and brushing and they will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place. This movement is based on the plans our Dentist maps out specifically for you. You just put in a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete.

How Much Does it Cost?

What treatment is suitable for you?

  • Invisalign i7 is suitable for minor crowding, spacing or orthodontic prolapse in 7 or fewer stages.
  • Invisalign Lite is suitable for minor crowding and spacing in 14 or fewer stages.
  • Invisalign Full is suitable for a wide range of teeth straightening issues.

Terms & Conditions

The offer of a complimentary (free) assessment is open to all Australian residents.

The complimentary assessment is offered on the basis that every person who attends the assessment agrees that they have read the following terms and conditions and understands:

a. Invisalign is a long term therapeutic treatment.

b. Invisalign treatment may not be suitable for everyone. Following the complimentary assessment with our Dentist, it is at the discretion of the Dentist to determine, and advise, if Invisalign treatment is suitable for that person’s condition.

c. The initial complimentary assessment with a Dentist includes an assessment of the person’s suitability for Invisalign treatment, and the provision of information about how the treatment works.

d. The initial complimentary assessment will not include the supply of any Invisalign product, the actual fitting of the Invisalign product to a person’s mouth, nor the performance of any orthodontic work.

e. The cost of the treatment includes an initial examination by our Dentist, diagnostic records including x-rays, bi monthly aligner fitting appointments for the duration of the treatment and aligners.

h. The provision of Invisalign requires the patient has a healthy dentition and a healthy gum/periodontal condition.

i. Initial assessment appointments are subject to availability. If a person does not attend their appointment without providing 24 hours notice of cancellation, the Dentist reserves the right to refuse a follow-up complimentary initial assessment.